Thursday, September 3, 2009

Huski - Strangelove tracks

I am very much looking forward to the UK duo Huski's second album, called Strangelove.  According to their MySpace page, the album has gone to manufacturing.  Fortunately, there are some tracks from the album on their MySpace music player.  Last year I managed to save the following tracks onto my computer.
  1. First Light
  2. Front Row Seat
  3. Senseless

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  1. Hi Marie, I came across your blog while looking for Huski's Myspace demos. They're no longer releasing Strange Love, instead they brought in a DJ to remix all the songs as gloomy as possible. So I started a Twitter account called "SaveStrangeLove" to call out Huski and ask them to release Strange Love as it was originally intended. Please join the the movement!!